Feasibility study biomass for heating in Wimpole Estate

Client: The National Trust for England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Completion: 2009

Task: These days Wimpole Estate covers an area of 2,500 acres. Part of the estate is woodland. Based upon crop rotation wood could be harvested and used for heating the buildings on the estate. Currently heating oil or electricity is being used. Please carry out a feasibility study of using wood for biomass.

Approach: Erfgoed Installaties started by investigating the present methods for heating the buildings on the estate and the amount of energy that is used for doing this. Next National Trust properties were selected which were already having first hand experience with solid fuel biomass heating. The experience that was shared was translated by Erfgoed Installaties to the situation on Wimpole estate.

Results: One building is completely heated using oil. Another building is partly heated by means of an oil burner and partly by means of storage heaters. All other buildings use storage heaters. The amount of wood that could be harvested without damaging the forest would suffice just for one building. In order to comply with the National Trust’s carbon foot print initiative other options for renewable energy could be checked. For instance the home farm catering building has a huge roof which might be interesting for installing Photo Voltaic panels. It is also worthwhile to look for alternatives for electric heating for this has a low efficiency rate.