Replacement of heating oil boilers in the former Ypenburg airfield

Client: Information centre for redevelopment of Ypenburg airfield.

Completion: 2008

Task: The information centre for the redevelopment of Ypenburg into a housing estate is housed in the historic arrival and departures building of the former airfield. Heating oil is used for a central heating system. The burners are downstairs in the basement. The user of the building wanted to move to natural gas for heating the building. Replacement of the burners was halted because of lack of knowledge of how to deal with the risk of gas explosion. Could you please help us?

Approach: A solution was found by Erfgoed Installaties which meant constant monitoring the level of natural gas in the air in the heating room. Thus alterations to the structure of the building were not required.

Results: The former arrivals and departure building is now heated using natural gas. Design choices and relevant documents for the design and selection process have been filed for the health and safety authorities.